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Goin' over the top

Ok, so we're doin' the idea about one car with links and segments, in case ya didn't know. Man, lost a little momentum, but that's ok, 'cus we're shiftin' into second gear.

So we gotta start on the next step. The way I see it, we need to decide on which topics/events we're going to use. So for the next week (or more/less, I dunno, we'll see), If you have ideas for segments, write 'em out in the journal. When everybody's got their ideas out there, we'll decide on 10-15 (assuming we get a crapload of ideas - which I hope we will) to actually write up in first draft form.

Keep in mind that at this point we don't have concrete characters - with the write-ups, I'm thinking or more just a general direction for that segment. After we have some to chose from and can kinda see what the scene is going to be like, we'll pare the 10-15 down to 7 or 8. And, I dunno about the process for creating characters yet, but I think people's personalities will grow from what segment they're involved with. But yeah, if you have ideas for character traits, wouldn't be a bad idea to write that out either.

So yeah, ideas for segments that we've got so far...which I think have already been listed, but still.

-Making Out
-Sharing Music
-CB Radio (used with another topic)
-Vocal Jam
-What Happens when you die
-Free will vs. fate
-Individual vs. Social Influence

So yeah, if you had one I couldn't remember/couldn't find, comment and I'll edit the list. And if you have a new one, post it.
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